As the weather forecast more and more calls for rainy weather, it’s best to take the following actions in order to keep your body healthy.

  1. Dress warm and keep covered. Make sure you wear plenty of layers as the weather gets windy, wet and cold. Make sure to keep your head and neck covered, especially the head and neck. They are our most vulnerable points for “catching a cold.”
  2. Avoid going outside with wet hair. The cold weather and the dampness from the hair will penetrate into the muscle layer of the head and neck and can impair your body’s natural defenses against external pathogens.
  3. Eat warm foods and reduce icy drinks and cold foods significantly. Making soup with some of the spices in the next point will help tremendously.
  4. Incorporate these herbs and spices into your meals: green onions (especially the white bulb), fresh ginger root, and cinnamon. These herbs are warming and disperse heat, and can help aid our bodies in keeping external pathogens away.
  5. Make sure to get plenty of rest. As the nights get longer and the weather gets cooler, our natural biorhythm guides us to slow down and rest. The more we embrace this change in pace, the better we can manage stress and keep our immune systems healthy and strong.