Bio Foot Reflexology and Massage Center is excited to be reopened. Currently all three locations are open with some restrictions. Some of these restrictions are self imposed to keep everyone safe and healthy others are imposed by Oregon Health Department or the Oregon Governor. Therefore, we ask for your understanding, patience and acceptance of these new guidelines to help us provide you with the best possible appointment experience.

First, we are required to ask you some prescreening questions. Therefore we ask if you are experiencing a new or worsening cough, fever or shortness of breath you please reshedule your appointment until a time when these symptoms have subsided.  We will have the same requirements for our therapists in coming to work. You will be required to wear a mask during your visit since we are considered a public indoor space. Every space will be cleaned bewteen clients. Some of our new procedures are based on the service you are receiving.

Acupuncture – This service is already friendly to the current environment. This will be increased by our Acupuncturist will wear gloves during your appointment. A disposible medical paper will be applied to the table. Disposable pillow cases will be used. We take evry precaution to make your appointment sanitary friendly.

Massage – using separate rooms does not have the social distancing requirement. We can still do couples massage as our rooms provide for the social distancing requirement. Our  therapist will wear a smock which will be change between each client. A disposable medical table paper will be applied to the massage table for sanitary puposes.

Reflexology – This service requires social distancing. Separate clients and groups will be required to follow the social distancing guidelines. We have spaced our chairs appropriately or will use a station based on these guidelines. Households that have come in together are allowed to sit together. Stations will be cleaned between each client. A disposable medical table paper will be applied to the chair for sanitary purposes.

We hope these new procedure make you feel comfortable in knowing Bio Foot is doing everything possible to keep you safe during your visit.